At Thurmond, we are committed to enhancing the wellbeing of our customers, employees, partners and communities by providing best-in-class natural gas measurement services and product solutions that meet industry standards for safety and quality. Through continuous improvement, technological advancement, and a laser focus on customer satisfaction, we deliver financial value and results to all stakeholders with the driving principle that measurement is the cash register of our industry, and it must always be accurate. Grounded in our core values and 75+ year legacy in the natural gas measurement industry, we are passionate about our work, committed to quality & safety, and optimistic about our future.

Measuring Energy for America’s future. Since 1946.

Core Values

Integrity + Fairness + Respect

We will conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity, fairness and character.

We treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Quality + Safety

We will provide a safe work environment for our employees and deliver high-quality services and products.

With the highest quality standards.

Environmental Stewardship

We will continually strive to manage our resources in a way that provides shared value and benefit…

…for our communities and environment.

Enthusiasm + Teamwork

We take pride in the services and products we provide. We deliver results by working closely with our colleagues, customers and partners…

…to achieve a common goal.

Results Driven Performance + Efficiency

We will focus on continuous improvement to enhance our operations and improve our efficiency, execution and quality of our work. We are committed to learning from both our successes and defeats…

…to improve our performance.

Customer Focus

We are laser focused on customer satisfaction. Anything less is inadequate. We will always seek to deliver products and solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations and produce repeat partnerships.

Anything less is inadequate.