Molly Ryel

Vice President, Fabrication Operations

Molly Ryel has worked in the oil & gas industry since 2004, beginning her career in accounting, well pumping and royalty disbursements for an owner/operator company. She also has experience in mud drilling and soil farming for production companies in Northwest Oklahoma. She is a licensed pesticide applicator and has assisted various oil & gas companies with lease and right of way pesticide control, spraying more than 2,500 oil leases annually. In 2011 she joined Energy Meter Systems – now Thurmond – as a receptionist and AP/AR clerk and went on to supervise the quoting, sales and purchasing departments. She was promoted to operations manager in 2019 and today serves as vice president of fabrication operations. Additionally, Molly has been an expert presenter at the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM).